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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 11

DH and I were both thrilled with the scale results this morning. He has lost so much already - and you can really see it in his figure. He's slimming down big-time. I can see my results when I'm in something tight, like my Lulu pants, etc. We are seeing such great rresults that we are definitely more determined to stick with this healthier eating.

Breakfast was the usual. After dropping off E at preschool, I went to weigh in. I was down 4.9lbs - this is amazing. I missed last week's weigh in, I ate breakfast which I usually don't before the weigh I was so excited. The lady who weighed me in was really happy and congratulated me on a great 2 weeks.

Lunch was also the usual. Not sure what I'll have tomorrow - ha! The bowl is now empty. Perhaps I'll make a rice dish for dinner tonight so that DH and I both can have for leftovers tomorrow. Tomorrow night we are celebrating DH's mom's birthday and they are ordering Chinese food. So, our day 12 dinner will not be on plan...

Dinner tonight was something different, yet very similar to what I've been making - basically a stir fry with chicken, peppers, onions, edamame and brown rice with some Italian seasoning. It was really good. The kids seemed to like it (they really like edamame, so I think that was kind of an incentive) E even said to me when I came back to the table after getting ready for physio "Thanks for the good dinner, Mommy". Even though I'm sure DH coaxed him to say it, it still made me feel good.

Had physio tonight - my range of motion has definitely gotten better - I have some more exercises to do to and have to go back twice next week. Once home, I had a nice hour and a half with the kids (we let them stay up later as tomorrow is a PD Day). Was feeling a bit hungry after finishing up with the kids bedtime routine, so I had a pear and a handful of plain almonds. Yum!

So, tomorrow is the final day. Feeling much better about this whole process than the last time DH and I did it. Will reflect more tomorrow.
Until then, adios ;)

Day 11 Weight:
ME: 158.8 (Total -7.6)
DH: 248.8 (Total -13)

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