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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 12 - Finished!

Today is the day. The day where we throw our hands up in the air and yell "We did it" - a very successful 12 days on the detox. We are both very proud of how well we did this time and are thinking of taking this one twice a year. We found it a lot harder last June - but were were able to finish strong this time around.

Breakfast this morning was the rice puffs, berries and almond milk...Lunch was the leftover rice from last night. So yum. I am going to make a huge batch of something like that each Sunday so that DH and I can have something yummy and nutritious to eat for lunches. This will save us $10-15/day as DH won't have to buy lunch at work anymore. Benefits all around.

Kids had swimming tonight, and then off to DH's parents place to celebrate his mom's birthday. They ordered Chinese food. I had a plate of a bunch of different things, but definitely did not take as much as I normal would. I only had 1/2 an egg roll. Although, the food was tasty - I did not enjoy it as much. My stomach felt off pretty soon after. DH and I both agreed that we did not miss this type of eating. And we were both proud of ourselves for choosing water to drink instead of a diet coke or coke zero. Yay, us!

So my overall review of the session on the detox.
* Definitely had more energy. Was not as tired. I didn't feel like I needed an afternoon rest. I got a ton done around the house, even though it doesn't really look like it, I did a ton of organizing and tidying.
* I feel better. I have been happier, more chipper - says my dear husband anyway.
* I am down some weight - regardless of the fact it may come back on once I'm done the laxatives, etc. I am really going to try and keep below the 160s. We'll see about tomorrow morning, after eating this Chinese tonight...and all the yummy snacks that will be served at our neighbour's Super Bowl party on Sunday.
* I would definitely recommend this program. DH and I have really felt great these past 12 days, despite stomach cramping and headaches...really great overall.

Day 12 Weight:
Me: 158.2lbs - Losing 8.2 lbs
DH: 248.0 - Losing 13.8lbs

So - this is my final post about the WRHD for this session...perhaps we will do it again in the fall. Until then - I will keep you posted on my weight loss as much as possible.
Thanks for reading!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 11

DH and I were both thrilled with the scale results this morning. He has lost so much already - and you can really see it in his figure. He's slimming down big-time. I can see my results when I'm in something tight, like my Lulu pants, etc. We are seeing such great rresults that we are definitely more determined to stick with this healthier eating.

Breakfast was the usual. After dropping off E at preschool, I went to weigh in. I was down 4.9lbs - this is amazing. I missed last week's weigh in, I ate breakfast which I usually don't before the weigh I was so excited. The lady who weighed me in was really happy and congratulated me on a great 2 weeks.

Lunch was also the usual. Not sure what I'll have tomorrow - ha! The bowl is now empty. Perhaps I'll make a rice dish for dinner tonight so that DH and I both can have for leftovers tomorrow. Tomorrow night we are celebrating DH's mom's birthday and they are ordering Chinese food. So, our day 12 dinner will not be on plan...

Dinner tonight was something different, yet very similar to what I've been making - basically a stir fry with chicken, peppers, onions, edamame and brown rice with some Italian seasoning. It was really good. The kids seemed to like it (they really like edamame, so I think that was kind of an incentive) E even said to me when I came back to the table after getting ready for physio "Thanks for the good dinner, Mommy". Even though I'm sure DH coaxed him to say it, it still made me feel good.

Had physio tonight - my range of motion has definitely gotten better - I have some more exercises to do to and have to go back twice next week. Once home, I had a nice hour and a half with the kids (we let them stay up later as tomorrow is a PD Day). Was feeling a bit hungry after finishing up with the kids bedtime routine, so I had a pear and a handful of plain almonds. Yum!

So, tomorrow is the final day. Feeling much better about this whole process than the last time DH and I did it. Will reflect more tomorrow.
Until then, adios ;)

Day 11 Weight:
ME: 158.8 (Total -7.6)
DH: 248.8 (Total -13)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 10

DH and I were both pretty happy with the scale results this morning. I was into the lower tens, not by much, but still was exciting....and DH is so close to getting down into the next tens. We are both feeling great. DH said last night he thinks that I seem happier - he said it was the diet coke making me grumpy. Ha!

Lunch was the usual - fried rice/quinoa and some cucumbers.

Just after lunch I felt a surge of energy. I decided to clean out our front closet...I cleaned our dining room, which had been turned into somewhat of a play room. We have a large coffee table that opens up, that we had originally planned for blankets - which was now filled with toys. Well....there is not 1 toy in there...I emptied it out, separated it to what goes up and what goes down, carried L's big easel down to the is now a dining room/living room again. And then...I moved onto the playroom - I tidied and organized...made it the way that it should look. So, the energy that I was supposed to feel around day 5 or 6 has finally made it's presence on day 10! Oh well...I'll take it.

For dinner, I was craving eggs - so DH made us some yummy omelettes...despite how much pepper he put into mine! ;) I snacked on some strawberries while the kids and I were chilling out. It's just after 9pm now, and I think after I make L's lunch for tomorrow, I will be heading to bed. Didn't have the greatest sleep last night. Tomorrow is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers - am looking forward to weighing in.
Later, gators!

Day 10 Weight
Me: 159.9 (Total: -6.5)
DH: 250.0 (Total -11.8)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 9

Day 9 started with DH and I both being back down a bit. Feeling good - had some yummy rice puffs with a bit of strawberries, blueberries and peach.

Lunch was the usual - fried rice and quinoa - it is really good - so I'm not getting bored of it at all. I will definitely continue making this in the future.

For dinner I tried a new recipe - I had been craving pasta - spaghetti with meat I tried a variation. I cooked some extra lean ground beef and added some Italian spices to it. I then cooked some spinach, grape tomatoes, green yellow and orange peppers and some garlic and added it to the beef along with some brown rice. OH EM GEE! It was delicious. Lauren put up her hand, not sure why ha!, but said "I'd like to say that this is so good and we should all tell Mommy something we like about this dinner" It really made me happy. She is a bit of a picky eater, and it's hard to get her to eat well at dinner - but she did amazing and pretty much devoured it all - I don't even think she knew she was eating tomatoes and peppers....until I told her...and then all she did was giggle. LOL

It was just E and I during the evening and L went to cheer on Daddy's girls' basketball team. We cuddled and watched a movie and had some strawberries for a snack.
3 more days to go!

Day 9 Weight:
Me: 160.4 (Total -6.0)
DH: 253.0 (Total -8.8)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 8

Day 8! DH and I were both up this morning and we think we figured out why. The corn pasta that we have been eating, is probably not the best choice. Although it is not made from gluten or flour, it's the process of the corn flour making a glue like substance inside our bodies that may be hindering the whole detox process. DH had been noticing that he hasn't been having to use the bathroom as often the past few days. It could definitely be because of the pasta. Sad, we can't eat it - as last night's batch was SO good.

This morning, I started out with my usual - puffed rice, berries and almond milk. I have heard some terrible things about soy milk and estrogen lately, so I think I will be staying away from it. It's funny as my cycle started 3 days early...which is unusual. Should've gotten it tomorrow, but started on Saturday morning. Perhaps because of the soy I had drank...or maybe the detox affected it, who knows.

For lunch, I had the fried rice and quinoa with some cucumbers. I made a new batch and added a lot more cabbage and spices, it was delish!

Dinner was lemon baked tilapia, brown rice and green beans. The tilapia sure is a yummy fish. Very mild - the kids seem to like it. Although, they like most fish, which is great.

I had my first physio session - it went very well. He (Phil) did an assessment and showed me some exercises. With a little massage, I was able to flex my foot a lot more than I had been able to. I go back on Thursday to see him again.

Once home, I snacked on a peach and a plum and turned in early.
On to Day 9!

Day 8 Weight
Me: 161.2 (Total -5.2)
DH: 254.0 (Total -7.8)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 7

It is Sunday. It is Day 7. It is the beginning of the week that we end this madness. Ha. I kid! But...really...the end is in sight. This Friday will be the last day of the detox. I can't wait to be honest, I'm so tired of the stomach issues....the cramping is so painful. I'm ready for my normal tummy to return.

For breakfast, I had the puffed rice with berries and almond tasted a bit better today - maybe I didn't shake the carton well enough. Who knows. I am loving this breakfast a lot...I know I've said that already. I tried some warm water with lemon this morning at the advice of a friend - it's much nicer cooler, but the warm water is supposed to I'll try it again tomorrow.

Just dropped the kids off at a birthday party at the movie theatre for a friend of theirs. This is E's first friend b'day party - he was so excited. I wish I could've gone - they are seeing Beauty and the Beast! My 2nd favourite Disney movie. (And if you're wondering, The Lion King is #1) Kind of wished I could've stayed to see the movie. =(

Got home and made a big beautiful salad.Lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, tomatoes and almonds with a light olive oil and lemon dressing. It was delicious. And because it was so big, it kept me satisfied for a while. The kids have their skating lessons this afternoon as well - so we will be at the rink for about an hour before dinner. Not sure what I'll be making tonight...but I'll be back in a bit to update you on our 7th Wild Rose Dinner!

So....I'm back - the kids had a fantastic time at the movie b'day party. E did so well at his first party and L loved the movie so much in 3D. Skating went great - L is doing SO well...skating in circles and going backwards, E was doing much better at getting up onto his feet. So...onto dinner time...I made a new chicken recipe - - Paprika Oregano Chicken along with corn pasta with tomatoes, yellow peppers & spinach and some asparagus. The chicken was delicious! We will definitely continue making it after the detox is over.

We watched the newest Once Upon A Time with the kids and had some popcorn. E said to me "It's not fun watching our shows. But it is fun watching it with popcorn" Ha! That was my cue to get popping those kernels. Ha.

Day 7, over and out!

Day 7 Weight
Me: 160.4 (Total -6.0lbs)
DH: 252.0 (Total -9.8lbs)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 6

So, today is day 6. There wasn't much action on the scale this morning - I was down 0.2 from yesterday and DH was the same. I suspect the copious amounts of popcorn we ate last night with the kids.

This morning for breakfast, I had the rice puffs with berries but this time with almond milk. I'm not sure if I was as big of a fan as I was of the soy milk - it was still good, but I think I may like the soy milk better. It's a really tasty breakfast and I may continue with this after the cleanse - I like cereal in the morning - and usually have Special K Satisfaction, but this costs me a lot of WW points. The rice puffs would be a much healthier and less expensive option when it comes to the points.

For lunch, I had some cucumbers and the fried rice/quinoa, but while at groceries this morning I bought some garlic and red pepper seasoning and added a bit of that to it, and boy, was it WAY yummier. May try for a tiny nap this afternoon - heading out to an Epicure Selection party tonight. I'm so worried that my stomach is going to give me a hard time tonight...and it sucks, cause if you know what Epicure is - I'm sure there will be a lot of yummy dips and treats to try - that I won't be allowed to eat! SUCKS! And I'm sure she'll have pop there - ugh! Double SUCKS! LOL

For dinner, we had meatloaf, baked potato and broccoli & cauliflower. I love it. Here is the yummy recipe:
*just under 1lb ground beef
*grated carrot - about 3 carrots (I use about 5-6 baby carrots)
*grated potato - one big one
*grated onion
*3/4 quick cook oats
*salt, pepper, dry mustard powder, garlic, oregano, basil and parsley (I omit the mustard powder and other spices and add Montreal Steak Spice - YUM!)
*Baked at 350F for one hour. YUM!

It's great 'cause the kids love it, too - although L LOVES it, she made sure to tell me "ugh, Mom, we already meatloaf this this week" HA! And we're going to have it one more time before the detox is over! hahahahaha. Poor girl ;)

So I went to the epicure party at a friend from high school's place - it was nice seeing some of my old friends. The party went OK - they had all the samples set up in the I just parked my bum on the couch with some water and looked through the catalogue without trying anything! Everything looked really yummy, but I had some pretty strong will power and stayed out of the kitchen! I did order a few things - a Bruschetta mix, a Pesto mix and a cheese, chives and bacon dip mix. Have never tried anything from epicure...but hear amazing we'll see.

Anyway - that's it for Day 6. 6 more to go! We are halfway there!!!!!

Day 6 Weight:
Me: 160.6 (Total -5.8)
DH: 253.0 (Total -8.8)