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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 10

DH and I were both pretty happy with the scale results this morning. I was into the lower tens, not by much, but still was exciting....and DH is so close to getting down into the next tens. We are both feeling great. DH said last night he thinks that I seem happier - he said it was the diet coke making me grumpy. Ha!

Lunch was the usual - fried rice/quinoa and some cucumbers.

Just after lunch I felt a surge of energy. I decided to clean out our front closet...I cleaned our dining room, which had been turned into somewhat of a play room. We have a large coffee table that opens up, that we had originally planned for blankets - which was now filled with toys. Well....there is not 1 toy in there...I emptied it out, separated it to what goes up and what goes down, carried L's big easel down to the is now a dining room/living room again. And then...I moved onto the playroom - I tidied and organized...made it the way that it should look. So, the energy that I was supposed to feel around day 5 or 6 has finally made it's presence on day 10! Oh well...I'll take it.

For dinner, I was craving eggs - so DH made us some yummy omelettes...despite how much pepper he put into mine! ;) I snacked on some strawberries while the kids and I were chilling out. It's just after 9pm now, and I think after I make L's lunch for tomorrow, I will be heading to bed. Didn't have the greatest sleep last night. Tomorrow is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers - am looking forward to weighing in.
Later, gators!

Day 10 Weight
Me: 159.9 (Total: -6.5)
DH: 250.0 (Total -11.8)

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