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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 9

Day 9 started with DH and I both being back down a bit. Feeling good - had some yummy rice puffs with a bit of strawberries, blueberries and peach.

Lunch was the usual - fried rice and quinoa - it is really good - so I'm not getting bored of it at all. I will definitely continue making this in the future.

For dinner I tried a new recipe - I had been craving pasta - spaghetti with meat I tried a variation. I cooked some extra lean ground beef and added some Italian spices to it. I then cooked some spinach, grape tomatoes, green yellow and orange peppers and some garlic and added it to the beef along with some brown rice. OH EM GEE! It was delicious. Lauren put up her hand, not sure why ha!, but said "I'd like to say that this is so good and we should all tell Mommy something we like about this dinner" It really made me happy. She is a bit of a picky eater, and it's hard to get her to eat well at dinner - but she did amazing and pretty much devoured it all - I don't even think she knew she was eating tomatoes and peppers....until I told her...and then all she did was giggle. LOL

It was just E and I during the evening and L went to cheer on Daddy's girls' basketball team. We cuddled and watched a movie and had some strawberries for a snack.
3 more days to go!

Day 9 Weight:
Me: 160.4 (Total -6.0)
DH: 253.0 (Total -8.8)

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