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Monday, January 30, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 8

Day 8! DH and I were both up this morning and we think we figured out why. The corn pasta that we have been eating, is probably not the best choice. Although it is not made from gluten or flour, it's the process of the corn flour making a glue like substance inside our bodies that may be hindering the whole detox process. DH had been noticing that he hasn't been having to use the bathroom as often the past few days. It could definitely be because of the pasta. Sad, we can't eat it - as last night's batch was SO good.

This morning, I started out with my usual - puffed rice, berries and almond milk. I have heard some terrible things about soy milk and estrogen lately, so I think I will be staying away from it. It's funny as my cycle started 3 days early...which is unusual. Should've gotten it tomorrow, but started on Saturday morning. Perhaps because of the soy I had drank...or maybe the detox affected it, who knows.

For lunch, I had the fried rice and quinoa with some cucumbers. I made a new batch and added a lot more cabbage and spices, it was delish!

Dinner was lemon baked tilapia, brown rice and green beans. The tilapia sure is a yummy fish. Very mild - the kids seem to like it. Although, they like most fish, which is great.

I had my first physio session - it went very well. He (Phil) did an assessment and showed me some exercises. With a little massage, I was able to flex my foot a lot more than I had been able to. I go back on Thursday to see him again.

Once home, I snacked on a peach and a plum and turned in early.
On to Day 9!

Day 8 Weight
Me: 161.2 (Total -5.2)
DH: 254.0 (Total -7.8)

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