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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ankle Update

So, Tuesday night I headed back to the walk in as my ankle is still quite sore and really bothering me. AND I realized that I cannot flex my foot down AT ALL. There is a picture of the gimpy thing. I can point my toes down no problem with my right foot - but the left won't budge any further than that. It's totally stuck. I showed DH and he was quite concerned, so I headed back to the walk in as I knew my doctor would be on that night.

She is also concerned and is sending me for an ultrasound and for some physiotherapy. I go for my ultrasound on the 25th and then physio starts the 30th - I go two times next week. Nervous as DH said that it'll probably hurt during the exercises, etc. And man, it hurts like crazy when I move it...or bump the ankle bone...ticks me off - this is what I get for trying to get healthy and learning to run. Damn ankle!

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