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Friday, January 27, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 5

Day 5! That means next Friday we will be finishing our 12 days. It's nice to think that we only have 1 week left. It's not that this is terrible...but I am struggling with meal ideas, especially at lunch time. Dinners seem to be a lot easier as we can eat as much fish as we want - but any type of meat, eggs, etc is in the 20% column and it's advised not to eat as much of those items. I should research some more recipes - or try and find the WRHD cookbook.

Breakfast today was the puffed rice and soy milk with mixed berries - I am really enjoying this breakfast. It's yummy and filling. I felt really good this morning. Was a very busy one and felt great doing all the jobs I needed to get done this morning.

For lunch, I had a bowl of the fried rice with quinoa. I made a big batch the other day and don't want it to go to waste - so I ate it...again. One thing that is driving me crazy...and I probably should just move them from the the cans of Diet Coke staring at me every time I open the door. They are calling my name! "Drink me, Hollie" Oh boy, do I ever want a diet coke SO badly. All I've had for 5 days is water...or water with lemon. YUM! =S

Tonight the kids had swimming - we usually pick up dinner afterwards, but because of this detox - we came home and made ourselves some eggs. DH made me dinner - was great. Onions and peppers in a yummy omelet with an apple for dessert. We had a lazy evening watching American Idol and Once Upon a Time - the kids love both of those shows so we had a pretty fun night - with some yummy air popped popcorn. Onto Day 6!

Day 5 Weight:
Me: 160.8 (Total -5.6)
DH: 253.0 (Total -8.8)

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