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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 3

Well, Day 3 is here...the first 2 days have been great. So far I am feeling much better than the last time around. I looked back at my detox blogs from last June and Day 3 I was a dragon! Bad mood all around - while DH was chipper and losing weight. I am feeling good - occasional head aches, many trips to the bathroom...but overall feeling really good. DH and I are both happy with the loss we are seeing (see end of post for details). And I know there is a good chance that we could gain the weight right back once this is over...but we are really going to try and eliminate some of the foods that are overall not the healthiest for us.
For example, pastas and breads with gluten. We are really enjoying the corn pasta and may stick to that or try the brown rice pasta....if eliminating gluten will help us, we may give it a try.

Today's breakfast I decided to switch it up a bit, I had Organic brown rice puffs with soy milk with mixed berries. It was really good - although I found the puffs got mushy quickly once in the milk...will just have to eat a bit faster. I have been amazed at how satisfied these breakfasts have been leaving me - I am not hungry mid morning and am just feeling hungry at our typical lunch time 11:30.

For lunch, I had the leftover fried rice and pasta with tomatoes...again. It really is yummy, so I am not minding having it every day - this makes me look forward to something different and yummy for dinner. I topped it off with some cucumbers and some cherries for a treat afterwards. Although, I didn't end up eating very many, as I spent most of the time de-pitting cherries for E. He's so high-maintenance LOL. For lunch for the kids, I made 'deluxe white cheddar macaroni' - this is my favourite and it was SOOO hard for me not to eat a spoonful from the pot...but I did it! Once we were done, I immediately poured the leftovers into the waste bin! YAY for me! And YAY for will power!

For dinner, I went with my sister to Swiss Chalet - I ordered what I figured was the best option - a 1/4 chicken and a baked potato and had some steamed veggies from my sister's plate. It was so yummy. I even told the waitress NOT to bring the bun as I figured if it was on my plate, I may be tempted to eat it. After dinner, we went to a movie "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" - Great movie! SUCH a tearjerker! I ordered a medium popcorn and a bottle of water - eating only half the bag. I'm sure that the salt in the popcorn, right before bed will lead me to be up a bit tomorrow morning....we'll see.

Day 3 - Over and out!

Day 3 weight:
Me: 162.0 (Total -4.4lbs)
DH: 255.8 (Total -6lbs)

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