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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal Detox Day 2

So Day 2 started off with both DH and I being pretty happy with the numbers on the scale. I am down 2.7lbs and he is down 3.9. Feeling good - a bit of headache still and tummy ache...but both of those are normal reactions to the detox.

We both had oatmeal and berries for breakfast this morning - I won't post pics of repeated meals, but will try and take pics of new recipes/meals that we have during the 12 days.

Lunch was a mixture of the fried rice and the leftover corn pasta with tomatoes - it was quite yummy all mixed together.

For dinner, we had the Wild Rose meatloaf recipe I found last time around, baked potatoes and corn. This is a huge family favourite. The kids LOVE it - My sweet girl devoured her meal...which is not a common thing at dinner time.

I didn't feel like snacking last night, so while I was making L's lunch - I had a handful of cherries. I had a horrible head ache and was exhausted so I crawled into bed around 9:45.

On to Day 3.

DAY 2 Weight:
Me: 163.7 (total: -2.7)
DH: 257.9 (total: -3.9)

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