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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wild Rose Herbal DTox Day 1

Last year DH and I completed the 12 day Wild Rose Herbal DTox - if you read my other blog, you'll remember I documented almost daily about food intake, mood, energy etc. If not...check out the link here:
Wild Rose Herbal DTox blogs

Well, DH really wanted to try it again, he did very well on it - lost 9 lbs in the 12 days...I lost 2. BOO! So I figured since I would be cooking for him, I might as well do it again, too. is DAY 1. And here is what I have to look forward to. 2 pills from each bottle and 40 drops of the extract before breakfast and lunch. See that bottle of "laxaherb"??? That is my favourite one! =S

So here is breakfast this morning.
Oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries...water and my wonderful mixture of herbs and yucky extract. They taste terrible. I made a big batch of oatmeal last night and it actually was pretty good - I added a bit of cinnamon in it (maybe what was lacking last time around) I gave DH a bite and he loved we will probably eat that a lot of that for breakfast over the next 12 days.

For lunch, I had fried rice/quinoa dish. It called for 3 1/2 cups of brown rice but I decided to half it and mix it with quinoa. It was a really yummy recipe that we tried last time around. I also had some cucumbers and berries for a light dessert. I made a huge batch so that DH could take some to work for lunch the next few days as well.

Dinner was amazing - we had haddock drizzled in garlic lemon butter and decorated with parsley ;) Organic gluten free corn pasta and broccoli & cauliflower. The fish turned out amazing - was so tasty....DH and I both really liked the corn pasta - I added grape tomatoes and green peppers with some seasoning. Turned out quite yummy!

We had bowling last night and did well with no snacks - we both brought large bottles of water. It was so funny, though, cause DH won the weekly prize which was a free appetizer. OH NO! The manager offered us to take it the next week - which will be a few days after we are finished the 12 days. Once home and organized we caught up on some shows and enjoyed some air-popped popcorn. Delish! It almost felt like cheating.

So - Day 1 is over...we are both feeling pretty good - despite a mild headache for me throughout the day. On to Day 2.

Starting Weight:
Me: 166.4
DH: 261.8

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