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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey Everyone,
So I realized today that I haven't really blogged in a while. The last post I wrote was Dec 14th and I was feeling good about my C25K progress. Fast forward to the next evening - L and I were going to check the mail when we decided to race back home - as I turned the corner for home, I stepped right onto a large river rock from my neighbours garden and down I went - hurting my ankle quiet badly. Poor sweetie, she was so worried about me and really tried to help me the short walk home. I immediately iced it - it hurt like hell. I tried to stay off it as much as possible, but had so much planned that weekend that it was virtually impossible to rest it.
I went to the doctor on Dec. 23rd as it was still really sore - it didn't hurt as much to walk on it as it did to actually push on my ankle bone. So, she sent me for an x-ray which revealed NOTHING. No break or obvious injury, so she advised me to stay off it as much as possible...take advil and ice it. was Christmas weekend - absolutely impossible to stay off it. is now January 10th and it is still there has been ZERO treadmill activity for this gal. But I have tried to do some activity...DH got me Wii Just Dance 3 for Christmas and man, it is a BLAST! So much fun. There are a few dances that leave my ankle a little sore, but I just take it easier on that foot and work my other side and arms like crazy. It is SO much fun! The kids both love it and we have done it a few times a week since I got it. It has a lot of the popular songs of right now (i.e. Party Rock Anthem - E's favourite and California Gurls - L's favourite) We have a blast and laugh a ton. What's better than getting some exercise while having a great time with your kids?????

Another thing I wanted to tell you about it is another one of my presents from DH. I got a FITBIT Ultimate Tracker This is no ordinary pedometer..."Fitbit Ultra's super sensitive 3-D motion sensor tracks your day down to details a pedometer can't catch, showing your exact steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. The new altimeter tracks floors climbed (new) so you can monitor this heart-healthy activity" You upload everything to the website - like activity, your food intake, sleep - oh ya, that's another thing - it has a sleep mode that tracks your sleep cycle. This may be my favourite part of the device. You wear the fitbit inside a sleeve you wear on your wrist...and sleep away...and when you wake up in the morning and place it in the USB charger/uploader this is what you see:

This was my sleep cycle for last night. I have had a pretty high sleep efficiency...and am waking up anywhere from 5-9 times a night. I like seeing how many many hours I'm in bed...and how many hours I am actually sleeping. It is pretty cool and am trying to get in extra steps if I see that I am lower (they want you to shoot for 10,000 a day).

So - on that note, I am off to get my kiddies to bed...but wanted to give you an update on how things have been going.
OH! And if you noticed my weigh in from last week - 2.3 up - really not all that bad after not weighing in for 2 weeks and it being Christmas/New Years. My leader has said that the average weight gain over the holidays is 7-10 lbs - so getting back on track tomorrow and will slowly try and get back onto the treadmill.
Wish me luck!
Night night, peeps!

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